Freedom Air is proud to provide you with the services of a Certified Mold Professional.  Allen Donaghey has 25+ years experience in all phases of the building industry.  Allen is a qualified professional who will assist you with your indoor air quality and surface contaminant issues by using a whole house approach to Freedom Air’s inspection.
A Whole House Approach Our Inspection Process includes:
This “whole house approach” is the cornerstone for keeping us at the forefront and leading edge of the indoor air quality industry.  We don’t just DO an IAQ inspection and give you lab & test results; we provide a customized plan to correct any identified problems and get you on the road to a healthier indoor environment.  We believe this holistic approach to air quality brings with it peace of mind for our clients.Throughout the inspection process, the client can rely on our experienced staff to collect the information needed to make educated decisions required to provide a healthier indoor environment for you and your family or business.Our Remediation process is usually combined with ozone and  protocols such as Pre-Testing and Post Testing.  We never encapsulate (cover up fungus with paints).  We sanitize it to acceptable limits, and follow that by protectants such as Bac-Shield and Construction Shield. 1.  A detailed interview with the client to gain insight about your concerns and collect the history of your home or building.

2.  A thorough investigation of the building from roof line to basement floor and crawl space.

3.  IAQ/Mold Sampling

4.  Lab Testing:  Air-O-Cell, Lift, Bulk, Cultured Swabs,  particulate analysis.

5.  VOC/MVOC Testing

6.  Environmental Assessment

7.  Customized plan of proposed treatments or changes

8.  NORMI Healthier Home Monitoring and Warranty program (additional fees apply)

9.  Infrared camera evaluation and moisture evaluation

10.  Luminometer Sampling:  This gives out a digital reading of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) of the amount of energy in the living organisms that were picked up in a swab.

11.  Several Moisture Reading Tools Available:

       a.         A Non-invasive Wagner Moisture Meter,     penetrates 1” into all surfaces.

       b.         An invasive Delmhurst Moisture Meter, with a 6” and 10”probe attached works great to check sheeting under windows.  Requires two 1⁄8” size holes.

12.   Dry Ice Blasting for fungus available.